Hospital Cost of Sepsis Around the World

  • Sepsis remains one of the costliest hospital conditions.
  • Globally, average total hospital costs per patient varies greatly from €1,101 to €91,951.
  • The healthcare budget by country spent of sepsis also varied dramatically based on % of GDP.
  • Despite being the most frequent and costliest principal diagnosis, accurate estimates of the economic burden of sepsis at a national level is not known.
  • Several factors limit the ability to evaluate and compare sepsis expenditures between countries:
    • Costs from 1 country cannot be extrapolated to another country
    • Existing data is typically outdated
    • Sepsis is a major global health priority
  • Recently, 20 published studies (16 studies with results) from January 2010 to January 2020 were reviewed to estimate the economic burden of sepsis by country.
    • Some countries had more than 1 study.
    •  The cost ranges within the country ranged by a factor of approximately 4.5
  • Similar results were seen with sepsis costs per capita.
  • Sepsis costs in general ward patients are reported to be higher than ICU patients
    • General Ward: Median = € 48,993
    • ICU: Median = € 22,635 (range 1,555 – 74,245


  • Regardless of the amount spent, treatment of sepsis is consistently expensive globally.
  • Intensity of care of individual patients does not reflect the cost of healthcare sepsis expenditures
  • General ward costs are greater than ICU costs, most likely due the length of stay being longer on the ward than ICU and a large proportion of patients admitted to the general ward.

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